Fiberglass woven fabrics are dimensionally stable, have high tensile strength...


A hybrid refers to a fabric that has more than one type of structural fiber...

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber fabrics are utilized in applications where its high strength-to-weight ratio...


Aramid fabrics are made of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers used in many aerospace...

About FloTex

Manufacturing Versatile and Performance Fiber Reinforcement Solutions

FloTex is dedicated to providing you quality fiber reinforcement materials, superior customer service and fast delivery for all of your projects big and small.

FloTex is so much more than just a vendor. We are your partner in growth and committed to your success. Our motto is “Solutions, Not Excuses”.

That’s the FloTex Difference and the reason our loyal customers continue to turn to FloTex for solutions time after time.

Our Expertise


Offering an extensive range of superior strength non-crimp finish fabrics.


Customized, high-performance materials to your specification.

Industrial Reinforcement

Fabrics designed to maximize fiber strength and chemical resistance.


Meeting critical requirements with new technologies


Lightweight, high performance fabric materials with added heat tolerance.


Unique, high performance webbing and reinforcement weaves.

FloTex offers a wide range of weaves, input fibers, weights and widths with the technical capability to customize the fiber architecture to your specifications. Request a quote to find a solution to your fiber reinforcement needs.
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